Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Rights

Although in UK customers have the cancellation rights for the contracts made by phone or interactive TV, keep in mind the same rule doesn't apply on our service. Nevertheless, your rights are protected by this agreement, and your cancellation rights are depending on the regulations applicable to your case, and for any additional information you can contact our services or inform yourself about your rights in some local bureau.

If you need to notify us about something, or you have some question or complaint, you can write to us or send us e-mail, and we will send you an answer by e-mail. To avoid unnecessary disputes, it's important to have such files in written form.

We may cancel the agreement in any time if you violate any of the terms, and even if we decide not to, we preserve the right of doing so the next time you make such violation, or a different one.

If any part of this agreement becomes invalid for any possible reason, it will not affect the rest of terms we agreed upon.

Limitations of Liability

Except in case of the clauses 10.3 and 10.4, we cannot be held responsible for any violations of our terms we couldn't have any impact on, like 'vis major', malicious acts, some unpredictable changes in Governmental policy or rules in general, and any other unpredictable problems, including the suppliers faults.

You and us both have rights upon this agreement, and we can solve any dispute on our mutual satisfaction, respecting the terms and conditions we agreed upon.

We preserve the right to cancel our services or parts of that service any time, regardless of the rights you may have concerning the funds on your account, and we will not be liable for that.