For beginners, a list of bonuses may seem a little overwhelming, so here is a more general list of various bonuses at online casinos today instead.

The Different Bonuses

A sign-up bonus, or welcome bonus, is the most well-known kind of bonus out there. However, whenever casinos provide at least $100 for this kind of bonus, it is probably because it gets broken down to smaller pieces every month through a set period of time.

Since casinos don't like losing new players, they end up providing reload bonuses, as well, which help players maintain open accounts. Reload bonuses are actually quite similar to sign-in or welcome bonuses, in which they usually offer up 100% match ups or various other free money amounts.

A bonus for preferred deposits refers to an extra bonus that players get when they use certain electronic payment forms to make casino account deposits. Casinos have different reasons as to why they prefer to get money in certain ways and encourage players to put those preferred methods of payment to use. Either way, they provide different bonuses like 10% or 5% off of the deposited amount for this. That amount is then added to player accounts automatically if the desired method of deposit is used.

A loyalty bonus is given to players that have stuck with a casino for quite some time and reached certain seniority levels there. If you have a higher VIP status in the casino, you will get more bonuses and bigger percentages. Usually, casinos provide VIP clubs to different levels that are usually run with the use of points.

Players that deposit bigger amounts of thousands of dollars might quality to become high rollers. In such cases, they will get bonuses for high rollers that are normally expressed in percentages. For instance, a high roller 50% bonus will see players putting gin $1,00 and getting an extra $500 just for making such a big deposit.

No-deposit bonuses also exist, but not every casino provides this particular bonus. With a no-deposit bonus, the player doesn't have to deposit anything bit - just $10. Then, the casino will just add that to the account of the player after they sign up - a great incentive to begin using a particular casino.

As always, do not forget to understand and read the conditions and terms of any offer prior to using it because they don't always give you what you hope for. Be smart.