Roulette Online UK - the most popular game in online casinos

Along with blackjack, the Roulette Online UK continues to amaze all players from all around the world. Its exciting mechanics and the extensive set of available bets keep luring gamblers from everywhere. We're witnessing a huge increase in people eager to spin the wheel at the casino right now.

The thing is that many players are earning high amounts of money by betting here, and the word is spreading fast. Don't miss your chance to start playing and find out what's all the fuss about!

The different types of Roulette

Originally from Europe, the word roulette means wheel in French. Play at These are the three top Roulette games, available at most casinos:

  • European roulette: The most popular version, with a green single zero, and 36 other numbers.
  • American roulette: This version adds a double zero to the wheel, considered by many to present with an interesting challenge when playing roulette online.
  • French roulette: A very rare version that offers the best chances for players. The La Partage rule and the absence of the double zero lower the house's edge.

There is a general rule for new players. We recommend that you play roulette online UK using a roulette free bonus. This will let you familiarize with the game mechanics and the betting layout. But don't stick to it, or you'll be missing out some opportunities to cash in massive amounts of money!

Step-by-Step guide to get started

All different types of Roulette Online UK follow the same pattern, ruleta americana online. This fool-proof step-by-step instructions will let you ride the wheel in no time, no matter if it is the American, European, or French version of the game:

  • Choose the numbers or combination of numbers that you think the ball has more chances to land on. Click on your chips, select denomination, and then click on your selections.
  • Once you're set, click on the "Start" red button.
  • The ball will jump into the wheel and it will eventually stop and jump in one of the numbers.
  • If you got the number right, the money will be automatically credited to your balance.
  • Rethink your strategy to continue earning money from the outcomes.

Good luck!