Blackjack is a highly popular table game that can be found in practically any casino worldwide. Usually called '21,' blackjack also happens to be a fair way for people to gamble - the table odds are much better compared to other house games, after all.

As with a lot of other card games, this one revolves around numbers. The goal of blackjack would be to get a total of 21 with at least 2 cards (or at least close to 21 and not exceeding it).

The Gameplay

The dealer starts by dealing everybody two cards. The dealer's initial card, or hole card, will be given out face-down, while his next card will be given out face-up. If you get a 10-value card and an Ace on your first hand right away, you have a blackjack - an instant win with a payout of 2:1 of your bet. (There is only one time you won't get paid for a blackjack: when the dealer has one, too; in such cases, it is seen as a push and neither one will get the winnings; it is also the end of the hand.

"Hit" refers to asking for another card. Once happy with the hand that you have, you "stand" on it.

Learning through examples is usually easiest, though, so here is an example when it comes to blackjack hands.

The Example

The dealer will give you a 10-value card (either an actual ten or a face card, which all have a 10-value in blackjack) along with a 4; the dealer's face-up card is a 5. A common blackjack strategy would be to think that the hole-card is a 10 - because 10 are very common in card decks. This means that the dealer might have 14 as a total now, while you hold 15 as your total. Since 10 is highly common, getting one will make you bust, while the dealer wins. To stay safe, stand on 15 and hope that the dealer gets the 10. Keep in mind that he will have to hit if he has 16 and if he busts, that means you win!

Now, if you get an 11 - a 3 and an 8, for example - you should choose to double down. This involves doubling your initial bet to get another extra card. Of course, you have to hope luck is with you, so that a common card - like a 10 - shows up.

Many blackjack strategies involve checking the dealer's face-up card and acting depending on that card. Always think that the hole card happens to be a 10 - that would be half of the battle done. Good luck!