Casino Cheating

Live casino cheating is not so widely-spread because every casino provides security and all casino workers are trained to notice different types of cheating. Besides cheating is illegal and there are criminal penalties which serve in most online casino websites.

Casino cheats a player

  • The most effective method in this case is to manipulate and control the gaming equipment - the deck, for instance. The dealer can remove at least one ten-value card from the deck and ipso facto to increase the house advantage. Also, on the contrary, it is possible to add low-value cards to the deck, for example fives and sixes.
  • Also a hand-held game dealer can pick up cards in some certain order and execute false shuffles in such a way.
  • One more method is marking the cards. It allows the dealer to get great house advantage. The house can use tactile cues with small indentation which is invisible for players but felt by dealers. These very markings tell the undealt cards' value.

A player cheats casino

  • The above mentioned method with removing or adding cards to the deck can be employed by a player either. But this technique requires player to have deft fingers and to be watchful and very attentive as firstly, the dealer takes the hand after each round, secondly, it almost impossible to remain undetected by the pit boss; and of course, cameras which are situated in every corner of any casino control every action of a player.
  • The method with marked cards can also be used by players. But in comparison with house's tactile cues on the cards, players rely on such visual cues as folds, tears and smudges.
  • And as for more random games as Roulette, there were cheaters which used microcomputers for controlling the Roulette ball. The interesting fact, that they hid these very computers in their shoes.

So, these are the most well-known casino cheating methods. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of them. But everyone should remember that it is very risky to use them.