The very first thing that you have to learn is the way the minimum of the table works. A table with a minimum of $5 will require you to make $5 bets on every outside bet and a minimum of $5 overall for every inside bet. So, when playing odd or red, you need to place the minimum of the table for every single bet. However, it is also possible to place five $1 bets for totally diverse inside bets, if you want.

Here are all of the potential bets you can make and the ways you could place them. To avoid losing money needlessly, learn them well.

The Glossary of Bets

In roulette, outside bets refers to betting outside the actual playing area where the 38 numbers lie. No outside bets exist for 00 or 0 results, though. There are also different kinds of bets outside:

  • For one, you can bet on a landing on a black or red number. Put the bet onto the area that says 'black' or 'red' to do this. This happens to be a highly common roulette betting form because it is easy and it gives you 50/50 odds in winning.
  • Odd or even money bets, as their names reveal are based on the winning number being even or odd. Because 0 doesn't count as even or odd, 36 numbers exist for this bet. To make this bet, place your chips onto the square that says 'odd' or the one that says 'even'.
  • You can make high or low bets, as well, if you believe the upcoming number will be between 19 and 36 or 1 and 18. To make this particular bet, place your chips inside the relative box with the number range on it.
  • At one of the ends, there are boxes that say '2:1' and each of them will be part of one number column. If a number inside that column shows up, the payout will be 2:1. These are called column bets.
  • Similar to the column bet is the dozen bet, where you can place bets on the first twelve, second twelve, or third twelve numbers. These payout 2:1, as well.

Inside bets consist of certain numbers or number combinations inside the table layout. Keep in mind that the bet total has to equal to the minimum of the table, though.

  • For a straight bet, choose any number and place your chips on it to give you winning payouts of 35:1.
  • You can also place single bets on two numbers that are adjacent to each other. Just place your chips on their connecting line. The payout for this is 17:1.