Slingo Casino

As one of the oldest, and best UK based online casinos, Slingo Casino is not backing down. Originally brought to fruition in 1995, with the first casino established only four years later, there is no limit to the number of players that enjoy the game, with new ones coming in every day.

Slingo Casino is home to a diverse number of games, including both slots and more traditional casino games. On the site, players have full access to a complete collection of games, available in instant-play mode, giving them an immediate payout for the games that they love to play! The site was also one of the first to offer popular online community play, bringing the excitement that comes along with slot games to the gaming community, giving patrons the ability to play with friends from all over the world.

When started, Slingo Casino brought in a crowd of people that would want to play their favorite internet games, with a chance to win money. The site was the first slot machine/Bingo hybrid on the market, as well as being the first that offered this game in a casual format with a box video display, giving players two games to play at once, and increasing their winnings infinitely! This, on top of its exciting, entertaining bonus rounds, caused casino customers to start flocking to the site, making it immensely popular extremely quickly.

In the two decades that have passed since Slingo gaming was established, it has quickly become one of the most prominent amongst various Internet games. Today, Slingo has also gained a tremendous audience that are incredibly brand loyal- many of whom have been loyal customers to the Slingo Casino over many years. In addition, every day there are more gaming enthusiasts returning, playing to win big, and often hitting on this goal with little effort or hassle.

Slingo Casino may be coming up fast on its twentieth anniversary, however, the thrill of Slingo has not diminished in that time at all, and is continuing to bring in new players, as well as working through development as technology changes, making the games better for everyone.